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Portuguese coach Manuel Cajuda, recently sacked by Marítimo, will be the new coach at Beira-Mar, who saw English coach Mick Wadsworth resign Monday. José Alberto Costa, Wadsworth's assistant, will not continue.

Benfica's Brazilian defender Argel and compatriot, the midfielder Everson, were caught up in a nasty incident in training Monday: Everson lunged at Argel from behind, Argel fell to the ground, got up, picked the ball up and rifled it straight at Everson. As with everything to do with Benfica, it was all caught on camera and broadcast on all the news bulletins. Benfica's Director of Football José Veiga treid to play the incident down:  "It's a good sign- it shows they're training aggressively."


Englishman Mick Wadsworth has resigned as Beira-Mar coach after just four games of the SuperLiga, citing personal reasons. The team have had a mixed start to the season, but looked to be improving and are in mid-table with six points from two wins. It was Wadsworth's first season in Portuguese football, and he leaves two compatriots at the club: McPhee and Murray. It is believed that assistant coach José Alberto Costa will take over until a permanent replacement has been found.


The head of the Sporting Braga claque Red Boys, responsible for trouble on the terraces during Monday's game with Vitória de Guimarães, apologised Wednesday for the behaviour of some of the elements of the claque, saying that these will be expelled. The Sporting Braga administration, who met with representatives of this claque and the Bracara Legion Wednesday, have promised reprisals if the incidents (the throwing of stones out side the ground, seats inside, skirmishes with the police) are repeated. The claques (fan groups) in Portugal enjoy a wide range of benefits from clubs, like subsidies for tickets and banners, free transport to away games, etc.

UEFA are seeking to redefine regulations for the use of 'foreign' players in club squads. The proposal on the table is for a squad to have a limit of 25 players. For each game, 18 can be called up,a nd of those 18, seven or eight must have been born in the country in which the club competes [although there are exceptions to this latter rule]. These proposed restrictions are likely to come up against resistance from the EU, where the free movement of labour is a cornerstone of the community philosophy.

In Portugal, each club can register six players of 'foreign' nationality, although only four can play at the same time. However, Brazilian players can acquire dual nationality with some facility and thus escape this particular restriction, although they would not do so if UEFA's proposed regulations come into force.

Portugese SuperLiga clubs have 'foreigners' registered as follows:

14 - Beira-Mar, Nacional, Estoril
12 - Benfica
11 - Sporting, Marítimo, Rio Ave, Boavista, Belenenses
10 - União de Leiria, Académica, Vitória de Guimarães, Penafiel
9   - Sporting Braga, Gil Vicente, Vitória de Setúbal
8   - FC Porto
4   - Moreirense

[A Bola]


A phone survey of football fans made by the TV channel TVI found that 80% did not think José Peseiro was up to coaching Sporting. The survey followed a poor start to the season and a 0-1 home defeat at the hands of Marítimo.


TV reporters and cameramen belonging to channels RTP and SIC were assaulted by Boavista fans as they left the Bessa Stadium after the Boavista v Vitória de Setúbal game Friday. The fans were angry at the bad press the team have been getting at the beginning of the season. The Boavista administration offered a public apology to the victims on their website Saturday.


The three Nacional players arrested Sunday night after a fight with police (see 14/09 below) claimed Tuesday that it was the police who had started the trouble and that they had tried to plant drugs (coacaine and ecstasy) on the players in the bathroom of a night club in Funchal. At a press conference, the players showed their cuts and bruises from the alleged mistreatment by the police. Argentinian defender Ávalos, spokesman for the three, said "We don't need drugs for anything." The club claims to have done drug tests on the players and found nothing.

Later in the day, the police responded, saying that they had come across the players in the bathroom, in possession of five grammes of cocaine and some ecstasy. The players had allegedly tried to pour the cocaine out on the floor, and when the police stepped in, the players attacked the police.

The Police Union issued a statement: "Surprise, surprise. After attacking an officer of the PSP [general police], who had duly identified himself, and then attacking the officers who went to help him, three Nacional players give a press conference and try to make it look like they're the victims."


Manuel Fernandes is no longer coach at Penafiel.after resigning Monday. Penafiel, newly promoted, have had a disastrous start, with no points won, one goal scored and seven conceded. Fernandes is the fourth coach to leave his club, and the SuperLiga is only two games old.

Three Nacional players were arrested Sunday night after trouble in a Funchal (Madeira) nightclub. Ávalos, Fábio Santos and Ferreira were released Monday after identification. They can travel to Seville for Thursday's UEFA cup tie but will have to report first to the police.


FC Porto claque ['fan group'] Os SuperDragões said Sunday that the death threats José Mourinho received at the end of his time at the club came from a member of, but not on behalf of, the claque. Representatives of the claque said that the calls were in response to messages that the member's girlfriend had received from José Mourinho. [A Bola]

Mariano Barreto is the new coach of Marítimo, taking over from Manuel Cajuda, sacked last week after just one SuperLiga game. Barreto was formerly national coach of Ghana.


Benfica are going through a minor crisis. The sports daily O Jogo has reported that the technical team of Giovanni Trapattoni and the Portuguese Álvaro Magalhães are badly prepared after the TV coverage of the team's game against Beira-Mar at the weekend apparently caught them demonstrating that they were unaware of the characterisitcs of a substitute for Beira-Mar, Pablo. Both have been quick to deny any negligence of 'intelligence' gathering.


Benfica are holding back the bonus that the players were due for securing second place in the SuperLiga last year (75,000 euros) because the team did not manage to qualify for the Champions League this year. The club is also seeking to cut back on the bonus due for winning the Taça de Portugal (20,000 per player).


Marítimo have parted company with coach Manuel Cajuda after only one SuperLiga  game, which the Madeiran side lost 0-3 at Belenenses . Marítimo are in the UEFA Cup and will play Glasgow Rangers in the first round.



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