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"I prefer the smell of sweat to the smell of the Chritmas tree" Sporting coach Bölöni, worried that his players are relaxing too much at the festive season.


"Happy Defeat" - Front page headline of A Bola following Boavista's 0-1 defeat in Kiev in Group B of the Champions League. It was not enough to prevent Boavista from progressing to the next phase, at the expense of Dortmund, who lost 0-2 at Liverpool.


Boavista's Alexandre Goulart plays down the on-paper superiority of Liverpool ahead of the Champions League game between the two teams this week: "On the pitch, there are no differences. Salaries don't play. It's eleven against eleven; everyone has two legs, two arms, two shoulders and a nose. It's a question of will.

A Bola's headline for the 6-2 thrashing by Beira Mar of Alverca: "With missiles and ground troops."

A Bola's headline for Varzim's 2-0 defeat of Farense, played out in torrential rain: "A game for (frog) men"


Boavista coach Jaime Pacheco has a new tactic to deal with the 2.2m of Borussia Dortmund's Jan Koller: "I've told my players to bring in high-heeled shoes from home."


FC Porto coach Octávio Machado is pretty chuffed after FC Porto beat Rosenberg away in their first Champions League outing: "I dedicate this victory to anyone who's as happy as me."


FC Porto coach Octávio Machado comes over all mysterious after his team's 0-0 draw in the clássico with Benfica at the Luz. He criticised "... the little figures that the media turn into big figures - Those are the Bin Ladens of football and they aren't players, coaches, refs or directors, but their days are numbered in football ... You know who I'm talking about!" (?)


Varzim coach Rogério Gonçalves despondent after his side go down 1-5 at home to to Belenenses: "Sometimes you just feel like saying sorry!"

Sporting coach Laszlo Bölöni refuses to comment on the upcoming Benfica v FC Porto clássico: "They're not our direct rivals - they have more points than us."

"A classic is a classic ... and vice-versa." Mário Jardel, still at Grêmio of Porto Alegre before coming to Portugal (futebolcia)

"My club was on the edge of a precipice, but I took the right decision ... I took a step forward." João Pinto, while still at Benfica. (futebolcia)


Boavista president João Loureiro speaking before his club's historic Champions League match against Liverpool (the first time Boavista had played a competitive game on British soil), just hours after the terrorist action in the USA that killed thousands: "The result of the game, whatever it is, is not going to be able to raise my morale. It's irrelevant in the face of what has happened in the world."


Boavista coach Jaime Pacheco, whose team were well favoured by refereeing decisions in the opening game of the season (3-0 v Beira-Mar) speaks out against overreaction to refereeing mistakes (Change of opinion to be monitored later in the season): "Above all, we have to maintain our dignity ... directors always arrange ways to camouflage results."

U-21 international Cândido Costa responds to reports in Marca that he had bitten Spanish defender Carlos Marchena in a friendly: "No, I don't think I've become a cannibal yet!"


(National coach António Oliveira loses it in the wake of the Fernando Couto suspension scandal and prior to the vital World Cup qualifier in Ireland): "It's no more than a plot by the FIFAs and UEFAs of this world - no more than a mafia-like orchestration ... FIFA have removed a card from our house and made it collapse ... but we're going to go out there and win this game because on the pitch we'll know how to deal with a team of 11, 12 or 14 (?) ... I hope that FIFA takes the same stand against Ian Harte (who said he was going to stop Figo any way he could) ... whatever, we've been vaccinated against rabies ... (!?)"


"If we win against Alverca then we will automatically be champions." (Boavista midfielder Petit gets prematurely optimistic - there will still be four games left after Alverca, and the last one is at FC Porto, only four points behind as at 22/04/01)


"THERE IS A GOD!" (A Bola's front page headline after the miraculous comeback of the national side against Holland, 2-2)

(Eusébio commenting on the same game): "The Boys showed tonight that we can be World Champions."

(Boavista's Bolivian star midfielder Erwin Sanchez, 31): "I'd like to end my career at Boavista."


(Boavista coach Jaime Pacheco gets a touch of the sour grapes after his side are splashed out of the Taça de Portugal at the semi-final stage by Marítimo): "Boavista have been prejudiced for a long time and today the refereeing influenced, and how, the result. Maybe the referee needed some holidays in Madeira (home of Marítimo)."

(Paulo Sérgio, Marítimo goalscorer in the 1-0 Taça semi-final victory over Boavista, makes a special dedication and comes over all joy-to-the-world-ish): "I dedicate this goal to Jesus Christ - it's He that gives me the strength and joy to play football ... In a world full of suffering, hunger and anguish, it's good that football brings joy to people."


(Spanish sports daily Marca on the possibility of Sporting defender Beto going to Real): "The fact that in the last few years he's been playing in a minor league like the Portuguese one goes against him." ( maisfutebol)


(Boavista coach Jaime Pacheco changes his tune about playing attacking football): "At this stage (Boavista top after 23 games) points are more important than exhibitions." ( infordesporto)


(Karel Poborsky, now of Lázio, knocks former team Benfica to the Czech press): "I needed a change. I spent three marvellous years there, but on the playing side there was the eternal waiting for my dreams to be realized. Benfica didn't win the title. While I was there they had two presidents and eleven coaches! - that's not the way to build a great team." ( maisfutebol)


(Boavista coach Jaime Pacheco comes over all sweeping): "It's the nation's feeling that it wants Boavista to lose at Braga at the weekend." (and ironic) "Changes in the transfer market will of course keep the best Portuguese, Brazilian and Swedish (?) players away from Portugal. Maybe the quality players will only visit Portugal to pick up their passports."


(João Eusébio, coach of Segunda B side Bragança after they had been knocked out of the Taça de Portugal at the quarter-final stage by FC Porto, and just after he had announced that he was resigning from the post of coach): "Please don't ask me any more questions because if I start to talk a lot I may vomit."


(Benfica coach Toni on Boavista's set-up): "Boavista should be an example to all the country. The sports and financial management carried out at the Bessa deserve all the praise they're getting ... Some people insist on looking at Boavista and Sporting Braga like they were 20 years ago. That time has gone." (maisfutebol)


(FPF President Gilberto Madaíl on the value of EURO 2004): "EURO 2004 doesn't only mean a bit of cash for football. It's an investment for our country, an important event which will be seen by between eight and ten billion people around the world. For a country on the periphery, ths promotion will represent a rediscovery and will do away with the mistake made by some, including Europeans, who still ask if Portugal has the same status as Catalonia." ( A Bola)


(Barcelona's Simão Sabrosa on the birth of his first child, Mariana): "It was the best goal of my career."


(Boavista's Bolivian midfield wizard Erwin Sanchez on why Boavista find themselves at the top of the Primeira at the halfway stage): "Our success is based on the spirit of the group, which is very close. We're very serious about our work, and that's fundamental. And as there's a lot of quality in the squad, we all have to make an effort to justify our place in the team. If not, we're bound to lose our place to a colleague."

(President of the Liga, Valentim Loureiro, dons rose-tinted specs to talk about Football's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize): "This is an honour for all those connected to football. Football is a source of approximation between peoples, countries and continents, independently of race, religious beliefs or language. In a team, whether it be big, medium or small, players of different races and different religious beliefs play together and they're organized by a coaching staff of various nationalities. It's the same situation around stadiums with fans of many different backgrounds living in harmony and fraternity, even though they support different teams." ( diário.digital)


(Gilberto Madaíl, the president of the Portuguese Football Federation, reacts to Portugal falling in the UEFA rankings): "This situation reflects the real overall value of Portuguese football ... Unfortunately, the performances of our clubs have not been the best ... We have good players but they're signed by other countries ... They're more interested in them abroad than in our country." (diário.digital)

(Brazilian Marques, who flunked a Benfica medical because of an allegedly dodgy ankle, talking about the screws therein): "They must be the ones the Directors of Benfica have got missing!" (Placar/ Jornal de Notícias)


(Peter Schmeichel dispels rumours about whether or not he is fully fit): "There has been a lot of speculation while I've been injured. The fact is that the recovery is going really well. I've reached a point where I'm fit to train but not to compete. However, progress has been good, so I hope to play again soon ...To show my appreciation for Sporting, I'd like to announce that I'm taking up the option to renew (for one more season)."


(FC Porto's Yugoslavian forward Drulovic, badly injured a week ago in the Cup match at Felgueiras, pours oil on waters troubled by his club president Pinto da Costa - see 02/01): "I sincerely think that the clash was accidental. I don't believe that it was deliberate or that the Felgueiras player intended to hurt me."


(Boavista president João Loureiro refuses to set the title as a goal. Boavista are just two points behind leaders FC Porto): "Ever since the beginning of the season our goal has been not to win the league but to qualify for Europe, preferably for the Champions League. I know it's not easy to get there. That's why I don't want to pass this responsibility onto the players or the coaching staff because that wouldn't be fair on my part. Each year we get closer to the big clubs and my dream is to catch them up. You can say we're candidates for the title, but we're not." ( Rádio TSF)


(Benfica's Director of Communication João Malheiro and Czech player Karel Poborsky talking at cross purposes about the player's transfer to Lazio) (JM): "We regret that no proposal for renewal was presented (by Poborsky) before the start of the season, and we would like to mention that in the last few months we have made contact several times with his agent. We knew that the player was refusing to continue and his transfer safeguards, in part, the interests of Benfica." (KP): "Vale e Azevedo (the previous president) spoke to me several times but they never presented any proposals. Afterwards, the new president arrived and that was the last of it ... I know that António Simões (Director of Football) spoke to my agent the day before yesterday, but that was just to talk about the transfer." ( Infordesporto)


(Bob Haarmms, ex-coach at Ajax and assistant to Van Gaal on Dani, recently sacked by Benfica and signed by Atlético Madrid): "Dani doesn't belong to the world of football ... he would arrive at training late. He was hardly ever able to finish a whole game, and when he did, he'd end up tired out ... A lot of people must be satisfied that he's left Benfica. God help whoever signs him." ( Diário de Notícias)

(Meanwhile, Paulo Futre, Director of Football at the Spanish club, is playing up his new signing): "Dani will be very successful in Spain." (maisfutebol)


(FC Porto president Jorge Pinto da Costa reacts angrily to what he perceived as unpunished aggression against his players in Saturday's cup win over Felgueiras in which Drulovic and Pena needed treatment for bad injuries.): "Of course I'm irritated, because I can't agree with some of the things that I saw here. Drulovic has got teeth broken because he got hit in the mouth when he wasn't even challenging for the ball and Pena had the ligaments in his hand exposed by studs ... it was more like a bullfight out there."

(Felgueiras players Rafael Duarte and captain Rochinha on the same incidents): (RD): "I apologized to Drulovic, but only out of diplomacy - I didn't do anything wrong." (R): "Sr. Pinto da Costa is exaggerating ... If it was us complaining about FC Porto, no one would give us the time of day."



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